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About us

Yunphos (Taixing) Chemical Co. LTD is a production enterprise of YunPhos Group Co., Ltd.. YunPhos Group is the world’s leading producer and exporter of phosphorous chemicals. Since its establishment in 1989, YunPhos Group has been focusing on the production and export of phosphorus chemicals. With its rich mineral resources, energy advantages and modern management philosophy, YunPhos Group has occupied a pivotal position in the international and domestic phosphorus chemical market.
The company specializes in the production of phosphoric acid series products, the main products include industrial grade phosphoric acid, food grade phosphoric acid, electronic grade phosphoric acid, yellow phosphorus and polyphosphoric acid. Industrial grade phosphoric acid, is widely used in the production of phosphate, fertilizer, aluminum polishing agent, iron and steel rustproof agent, phosphating agent, metal cleaning agent, organic synthesis catalyst, and is used as desiccant, latex coagulant, etc. in the production of dyes and intermediates; food grade phosphoric acid, can be used as acidulant in acidic drinks; electronic grade phosphoric acid is mainly used in the manufacturing processes such as microelectronic high-energy battery and laser glass, and is used as high purity catalyst and medical material; yellow phosphorus, is used as the raw material in the production of thermal process phosphoric acid, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorus pentasulfide and other phosphorus compounds and the manufacturing of organophosphorus pesticides and rodenticides such as trichlorfon, ammonium phosphorus methyl ammonium phosphate, chlordimeform, dichlorvos, etc.; polyphosphoric acid a kind of protonic acid, can dissolve many kinds of low molecular and high molecular organic compounds. In organic synthesis, it is used as dehydrating agent, cyclizing agent, acylating agent, catalyst or solvent for condensation, cyclization, reordering, substitution and other reactions, and it is also used as a substitute and analytical reagent for orthophosphoric acid.